While You Were Sleeping: Why You Visit My Dream?

NAM HONG-JOO (Suzy) is a girl may predict upcoming things through her dream. It drives her mad when she is sleeping. However, a strange man JUNG JAE-CHAN (Lee Jong-seok) visit her in the dream. She leans in his chest. He isn’t her boyfriend. Why does she do that?

HONG-JOO tells her mother about the dream and claims she already got boyfriend LEE YOO-BUM (Lee Sang-yub) and doesn’t want to love someone. She won’t cheat on YOO-BUM even if it’s fictitious. However, the man visits her house in reality with delicious breakfast. His name is JAE-CHAN. She is flustered and closes the door so that he cannot annoy her.

To her surprise, he doesn’t want to give up after getting a rejecting and follows her to bus station. He sits next to her. That’s a impolite behavior as a gentleman. She tolerates it and change a seat because she is a polite and cultured woman. However, he sits next to her again. It makes her angrily and yells him. But, she is awkward after knowing the truth. JAE-CHAN isn’t interested in her at all. He just leaves seats for students so that he has to change his seat. His little brother pleases him so that he offers her the breakfast.

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