Black Knight Korean Drama Episode 9 Review

This is my review of Black Knight Korean Drama Episode 9, Choi Ji-Hoon is shocked when he knows Jung Hae-Ra’s boyfriend is his boss Moon Soo-Ho. He unites Sharon to get his woman back.

Black Knight Korean Drama Episode 9 Review

Moon Soo-Ho asks Jung Hae-Ra the place her father is buried and wants to see him after she reveals she doesn’t know it too much as Park Cheol-Min dealt the case for her. Sharon and Choi Ji-Hoon visit them while they are talking. Jung Hae-Ra and Choi Ji-Hoon are shocked by each other when they run into.

Sharon thinks Choi Ji-Hoon is Jung Hae-Ra’s boyfriend, but Jung Hae-Ra reveals they are over and let her keep low because Moon Soo-Ho may hear what they talk about. Sharon mentions Jung Hae-Ra promised that she will give her what she wants when she asks for, but Jung Hae-Ra is thinking about other things.

Choi Ji-Hoon lets Jung Hae-Ra do more workouts than before, she accepts it because she doesn’t want Moon Soo-Ho to know their previous relationship. Sharon invites Choi Ji-Hoon to have a drink in her home and tricks him to break Moon Soo-Ho and Jung Hae-Ra relationship, he thinks her voice he heard before while she is talking.

Jung Hae-Ra tells Moon Soo-Ho that she doesn’t need a personal trainer at home since there is gym under her company, he accepts and reveals he is ok even if he is her ex. She calls him Soo-Ho which she didn’t do for many years and reveals she calls it when he is decent. He thinks she is rude because he is older than her, but he smiles when he returns his room.

Lee Sook-Hee visits Kim Young-Mi’s shop and thinks her father-in-law fell in love with her, but Kim Young-Mi thinks she will be hurt ultimately. Lee Sook-Hee dislikes what she said and points out the woman in the photo which was shot 100 years ago is Sharon.

Sharon holds frying pans standing in front of mirror and looks at herself, she recalls Choi Ji-Hoon told her that Moon Soo-Ho likes woman who holds frying pan. Choi Ji-Hoon asks Park Gon what kind of person Moon Soo-Ho is, Park Gon tells him that Moon Soo-Ho is a nice man, but his enemies were dead because of him.

Moon Soo-Ho visits the land’s owner who wants him to raise the price, but he rejects it. The owner tells him he can return the ginseng and honey, but Moon Soo-Ho lets him keep it. The owner gets a call and knows his son faced a car accident when Moon Soo-Ho is going to leave.

Director appears in the office and order Jung Hae-Ra to wear the mascot suit attending the exhibition as he thinks she likes suit. Moon Soo-Ho calls Jung Hae-Ra and wants to have a lunch with her, but she reveals she has to go to her exhibition.

Lee Sook-Hee brings soup to Park Cheol-Min when he is in the collecting room, she messes his box and drops Mahjong on the ground. He recalls the story what Seo Jin told him and says he wants to be more richer. Sharon lets Choi Ji-Hoon wear her suit and walk in her room. Her employees think he looks stupid.

Moon Soo-Ho attends the exhibition with his employees and tells Jung Hae-Ra’s colleagues that he is going to take Jung Hae-Ra to his company, but the colleagues tell him that he should take the whole team if he wants her. Just then director appears, Moon Soo-Ho shakes his hand tightly. He sees a person wearing mascot suit and walking around, he gives her a bunch of flowers.

Choi Ji-Hoon treats Sharon the dinner since she give him the expensive suit. They run into Park Gon in the restaurant and Choi Ji-Hoon introduces Sharon to Park Gon. Park Gon tells Park Cheol-Min that he bought the land from Yoon Dal Hong who Moon Soo-Ho is interested in, Park Cheol-Min knows this guy and gave him the money to buy the house. Source: ChinaAttila

Park Cheol-Min tells his son that he will let someone he knows sell the land to Moon Soo-Ho, but Park Gon wants to keep it. Jung Hae-Ra finds Moon Soo-Ho still waits for her after she returns home, She thinks he is stupid and reveals she is going to move out as she fell in love with him, but she isn’t sure whether or not she can trust him. He tells her she can trust him and kisses her.

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