Almost every women wants to have a slim figure which can make she look more beautiful and charming. One of the most importance aspects to maintain a good body shape is to keep a good diet. If you desire to shed unwanted pounds effectively and improve your overall health, you might as well try the cruise control diet which can provide you with a safe and effective way to reach your goals.

Details About the Cruise Control Diet


The Cruise Control Diet is a book written by James Ward, a renowned nutritionist, who has lost weight successfully by performing this diet plan. You can find the detail on It provides a new idea for you to lose weight just by following your own natural instincts without regulate you with a variety of rules and restrictions. It is not only a diet plan but also a good guidance for you to develop a healthy lifestyle.

The price of this book is about $39.99 including four things:

  • 1. Cruise Control Diet Core Program
  • 2. Cruise Control Diet Cook Book
  • 3. Jumpstart Guide
  • 4.Chances to get new weekly recipes for 60 days

The four rules of this book:

  • 1. Use natural foods to burn fat throughout the body;
  • 2. Avoid harmful foods like processed foods to store less fat in the body;
  • 3. Treat yourself with occasional food binge to avoid overeating;
  • 4. Follow your natural instincts to lose weight more effectively.

Effects On Helping Women Lose Weigh

The Cruise Control Diet is designed to help people lose about 30 pounds in eight weeks without using weight-loss pills, extra exercise or other things. It involves three phases to help you lose weight as follows:

  • 1. The Metabolic Reset Phase: It is the s the strictest of the three which help you to reset the metabolism by lowering your insulin levels. This phase aims at rebuilding your natural hunger instinct which can last for about two weeks.
  • 2. The Cruise Control Phase: In this period, you are literally to burn fat and lose weight at a steady speed. You can treat yourself with once or twice “food binge” every week which is a special feature of this diet program.
  • 3. The Rapid Fat Burning Phase: This phase is the extension of the second phase which help you burn fat faster as well as let you to become stronger and more energetic so you can get the overall benefits. To keep the weight off, you should back to the first phase to maintain the amazing results.

Shortages of the Cruise Control Diet

Though this e-book provides a woman with a flexible and forgiving diet program, it still has some shortages on weight loss.

  • 1. This book is not specially designed for women so it doesn’t mention if pregnant women or breastfeeding women are suitable to perform this diet program.
  • 2. It only offers the diet plan for weight loss without any suggestions for exercises and other aspects about reducing weight.
  • 3. It is little wordy and confusing because the author talked much about the dieting myths, facts, statistics and some other things not related to weight loss.

The Cruise Control Diet may help a woman lose weight as well as develop a healthy lifestyle in general, but if you have some specific body conditions like pregnancy, lactation and certain diseases, you should consult with your doctor before you perform this diet program.